About Barrington Parke

Barrington Parke Subdivision is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Our subdivision consists of 135 single family homes each on 0.4 acre lots more of less.  Homes in the neighborhood were constructed between 1995 and 2005.  Our common areas include a swimming pool, picnic area, playground and a landscaped main entrance.  We're located within walking distance to Saint Joseph's Catholic School, Vandergriff Elementary and McNair Middle School.  The neighborhood is conveniently located to groceries, pharmacies, restaurants, fitness and dance studios, dentists, physicians, banks and many other businesses.


Barrington Parke is governed by protective covenants and by-laws as well as resolutions passed by the POA Board of Directors.  The governing documents are included here for your review and reference.  Please contact any Board Member if you have any questions.
Barrington Parke By-Laws, 1998.pdf Barrington Parke By-Laws, 1998.pdf
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Barrington POA Covenants.PDF Barrington POA Covenants.PDF
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